How do Children Hear an Invisible God

I did not realize that adult Christians in general might find it odd that you hear the voice of God.  In fact, I’ve only met a few who have said that they hear from Yahweh regularly.  The truth is, the Holy Spirit wishes to speak to all of us who are His.  Just looking at the Gospels, you can see how he spoke to people through dreams and visions and words.  The apostles were told that the Holy Spirit would teach them what to say when they were sent out (Lk12:12).

But in my experience, He only rarely yells.  Most often it is in the silent whispers; those pulls of the conscious where we can make the choice to follow or not.  Sometimes you can be wrestling with a problem when a clear solution that you could have never thought of comes crystal clear to your mind.  Sometimes it is a whisper that you know is Him.  While others that I know can tell you one time in their life that they heard God loud and clear and knew that He was calling them.

You cannot attribute everything to Him, and everything must be tested by the Scriptures (People like to think that convenient thoughts are from God, e.g. God wants me to be rich, etc.), but I think we most often don’t attribute His workings and speaking in our lives enough to Him.

So, How do you teach children to hear the voice of Yahweh?

First things first.  Do they know who He is?  They cannot learn to listen for the voice of a stranger.  You, as the parent (not their teacher, pastor, preacher), needs to take the responsibility to make sure they understand who Yahweh is.  By telling them the stories of the Bible, they can begin to understand His attributes; who he is.  Kids think very concretely.  The idea of an invisible God that speaks quietly to them is difficult to grasp, just as having a relationship, or praying their heart to this invisible God.  This is something that must grow as they mature, so don’t expect them to grasp it immediately.  First, teach them who He is.

Second, be an example.  Make sure that you are listening to God’s voice and tell your stories to your kids.  They should be so sick of hearing you talk about how Yahweh has worked in your life that they start to quote your story before you finish the second sentence.

Third, Pray for them.  This should be first, but I’m not listing in order of importance.  Pray that they would develop a relationship with Yahweh to the point that they know Him; really know Him and love Him.

Fourth, after they have struggled with something (Not in the midst of being in trouble. They won’t get it, or won’t admit it).  Afterwards, ask them if they had any feeling that they should not have done what they did.  For example, my son did something that he knew he was not supposed to do.  After we talked about this and he apologized, etc. I asked him if he knew that what he was doing was wrong.  He hedged a bit at first, then admitted that he knew he shouldn’t have done it.  I pointed out to him that what he was feeling was the pull of the Holy Spirit.  That tiny voice that speaks to us to help us be more like Jesus.  He doesn’t speak to us to make us feel guilty or because he wants to punish us or hates us.  It’s because of His great love for us; His desire to make us more like Jesus.  By pointing out to my son that it was the Holy Spirit speaking to him, he could just begin to understand that God is working with Him and helping Him.

Thank Yahweh that He never gives up, but sees us and pulls us and desires us to be His!

listening child




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