Who is Teaching the Children?

A big question for those in house churches is, “Who will teach the children?”  They need a weekly lesson, right?  The problem with this mindset is that it still views Sunday as “church day”.  It’s the day the kids should have Sunday school (though Sunday school is just over 100 years old). It’s the day for a lesson.

If followers of Jesus are the church, then they are the church throughout the week.  That means every day is a day of learning.  If you are not teaching your children, someone else is, whether you like what they teach or not.  Who is your child spending most of their time with?  Their mother?  Their teacher?  Do you really know what their teacher believes?  You should.

We need to make it a point to teach our children throughout the week.  Then, the day you meet as a church you are not under the pressure that this is lesson time.  Instead, maybe they need to make exciting memories of playing hide and seek in the backyard, or jumping on the trampoline after praying or singing with the church.  If a family wants to teach them during this time, then great, but if you’re doing your job during the week, then this is not a burden.


What do you think?

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