I had the wonderful pleasure of watching 2 of my children become baptized this Sunday.  For the past year they have asked questions about baptism after reading stories in the Bible together such as when Jesus got baptized, or when the Ethiopian man wanted to stop and be baptized immediately, or the story of John the Baptist.

In recent discussions my husband explained to them that baptism is a Sign and a Symbol.  It is a sign to others and Yahweh that you are going to follow Jesus as your King forever.  It symbolizes our own death and resurrection; death to our old self, and rising anew in Christ.  We do not see that it is necessary for salvation, but an act of obedience.

I asked my kids, “When you think you understand what it means to follow Jesus and you want to give Him your life and follow Him forever, then just let us know.”  3 Of them said immediately that they were going to follow Jesus forever.  2 said they were ready to be baptized.

August 2013 005

It was a celebration!  A great morning when our house church and extra family members filed outside and watched as their Father got in our 12 ft blow up pool with my son and daughter and baptized them one by one.  My mom later laughed that when my daughter was asked if Jesus was her Lord and Savior she said “Yes” as if she wanted to say, “Of Course.”

To carry on with the idea of being purposeful and giving ceremony more weight and purpose in our average American lives, later when it was just our immediate family, we sat the children down and read to them about the Armor of God in Ephesians 6.  We told them how they wouldn’t be perfect because just because they were part of the kingdom of God, but that they had the gifts of the Spirit to help them.  We then presented those who were baptized with special gifts.  Both received a block that had a different armor of God on each side.  My son was given a kind chain with the words “Anointed Fighter” and “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”.  My daughter was given a necklace with a cross.  All these things were to help drive home the significance of their choice.

It was a good day.


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