Our Time is Limited

As today’s events in Connecticut has told everyone, our time with our children is so incredibly limited.

No one would have imagined this morning that this would have happened.

It drives home the fact that nothing else matters beside our children’s salvation; not their grades, not their messy rooms, not their eating habits, not their status on their sports team, not their table manners…While all of these things may matter and cannot be separated from who we are as Christians (We cannot/should not compartmentalize our lives.), these things do not compare when it comes to our children’s understanding of who they are before God, who God is, and their decision to live their lives for Christ.

We must be purposeful as parents.  Every moment can be a teachable moment.  Every moment that we are on the phone or watching TV or busy on the internet instead of spending time with our kids is another moment lost.  I say this for myself as much as anything.  We must be purposeful parents!

Our time with them is limited.


What do you think?

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