Surviving With Family

Homemade parachutes

I am part of a wonderful house church.  I haven’t always been able to say that.  Over the

years things have been easy, fun, and also tremendously difficult and horrible.  We have laughed, cried, wanted to walk out on each other….It’s like a real family!

I was with my family all Thanksgiving week.  There were 21 of us staying in one grandparent’s house, and 31 visiting on and off at my other grandmother’s house.  I was looking forward to this week for a really long time.  I love my family.  For the most part they are believers and followers of Christ.  But even with them I find that sometimes relationships can be difficult.

Why is this?  Why is living with other people, being close with others, being family, so difficult sometimes?  Aren’t we all believers?

Most of you would tell me right away that relationships are hard because we are all sinners, and you are right.  I think there are 2 big reasons that we, as believers, still find relationships hard:

  1. We are prideful and believe that our opinions are the best and wisest.  How many times could I avoid an awkward or even hurtful situation by just shutting my mouth!
  2. We are selfish and often put our own desires or the desires of our immediate family over the needs and desires of others.

Pride and selfishness (I would like to add a lot more, like hormones and fatigue, but these seem to be the big two).

The opposite of this is…Love.

Love conquers our pride.  We love our family so much that our own opinions don’t have to be heard.  Things don’t have to go my way.

Love conquers selfishness.  We give up our bed so that those who are more tired, or maybe just not used to sleeping on the floor, can be more comfortable.  Love wants to “spoil” others…just because.

And the biggie, Love doesn’t demand reciprocation.  I think this is huge, because it’s easy to love when you are being loved back.  It’s more difficult when you are dealing with someone who hasn’t learned that lesson yet…….yet.

Hang in there.

Keep loving.

Replace selfishness and pride with love and patience.  God made us all a Family for a reason.  By working all of this out, he makes us more like Him.


What do you think?

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